Dadufall Update 1.0.6!!!!

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Thank you for everyone who already giving us support and feedback,
Today we released new update for Dadufall which is :
– Remake on Tutorial for 999th time (Yea, for the sake of non-gamer player :/)
– Perfect Roll Dice have 100% pair chance (You can damage boss for 15 stamina if you’re good enough!)
– Upgrade character without resetting your game!!!
– You can’t challenge boss yet if there’s still another player in boss tile
– More chance to be a paid audiences

And then it has been confirmed that we currently developing local multiplayer for Dadufall! Please wait for it and thank you!
Download dadufall here :

New Update for Dadufall!

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Today we released new update for Dadufall!
What’s new?
– New Feature : Become paid audiences to earn money
– Remake on Tutorial
– Re-Balance level 8
– Fixed some bugs
And also, today we are doing showcase Dadufall in Hologram Sman 4 Bekasi! There will be a challenge if you visited our booth Thank you!


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Hello! Finally, after fixing some issues on our Google Play, today Dadufall is available in Google Play!

Dadufall is a board game where you have to help the kids get to school as quickly as possible, while overcoming various obstacle along the way.
Throw dice, draw the ‘chances’, battle your rivals, and defeat ‘the boss’ to finally get to school!
Join Umar, Gie, Meutia, and Sartika as they race their way to their only school in the village, which is very far and full of obstacle!